Navigate the service

If you are new to this format, the idea is to progressively scroll down this page and join with us as we worship our God together.

You will find links to various YouTube clips as you scroll down the page. Please click the play button (usually a white arrow head on a red or black button) to watch the clip at the appropriate time and join your voice in singing when it is a recorded song.

If an advertisement starts playing, let it display for the first few seconds and then click the Skip Ads button towards the bottom right of the song window. Another type of advertisement may appear as a rectangle of text. You can clear this by clicking on the small x in the top right corner of that rectangle. At the conclusion of the song YouTube will most likely give a list of other videos to watch. Please ignore this and continue to scroll down this page. If the lyrics are not displayed on the video, the words are included on this page for you to join your voice with the song. Just start the video clip and then progressively scroll down the lyrics on this page while you sing.